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Tightening Feedback Loops

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The whole project is about “tightening feedback loops” which is aiming to address the fundamental problems with the current world systems communism, capitalism, democracy, organisation etc.

The majority of the problems are there because the feedback loops are slow and dumb so the bigger problems can not be dealt with effectively or even recognised in time to minimise the impacts.

I started by analysing what loops exist within organisations, small and large. Then I looked into what loops exist between organisations at a local, national, european and global level.

When you bring the city loops together in a building, expressly for the purpose of experimenting, then city level solutions are created. Some of them will be effective and some will not. Different cities have different needs and require different solutions.

So the idea of having this special, re-programmable building helps in several key ways.

1 You can explore special functions such as provided by experimental architectures. But then in a continously changing way.

2 With a network of such buildings, the nature of the information gained from them can be compared and creates another web of knowledge.

3 The range and extensive nature of experiments in these buildings provide the necessary tools and environment to tackle really large scale issues and attempt to make utopian ideas more practical.

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