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“The Western World is in a new war, a war for its heart, a war for its head, a war for its values, a war for its identity, and a war for its very right to be. This is not a war of bombs, munitions and military might. It is a War of Faith & Culture. A slew of separate Fundamentalist Islamic movements have come together with a common aim—to displace the U.S., Western Civilization, and Global Capitalism. These are the modern Jihadists, the makers of Holy War, Jihad. The warriors of Jihad are winning hearts and minds. They’re setting fire to the passions of adolescents and of young adults thirsting for something to believe in, for something to live and die for, for purity, faith, and ideals. Meanwhile we are in danger of defeating ourselves. We don’t know who we are and what we stand for. We fail to have a vision of our future possibilities.”

I’ve had some indirect contact with Howard, he has expressed interest in participating at our Sandbox event.

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  1. hi pras,

    a little anecdote on an experience with howard:

    here in A’dam (1st man?) in Felix Meritis a happening was organized on the Renaissance Theme …

    sitting in a circle Howard asked us to introduce ourselves …

    wondering a while what to say i became a sort of plasma that popped up:

    “i am a just born Penguin”

    (well, i suppose everyone started to overcome the first thought “that man has gone crazy – out of his mind”, then because of the setting they really got interested in my state of mind …)

    Later on that day, some well known musicians were sort of analyzed in their adding to the world of thinking / realm reference and so on …

    Had to mention “frank zappa & the mOthers of Invention”

    ;-)>~~~ S’ace

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