Civil Sandbox

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This was the project that initially sparked the idea of a building with a very special function. This festival is the basic format I will use for the Sandbox festival which is a city wide experimental Civil Sandbox within an event. For me, this is the best way to research the concept, by involving not only high-level mentalities and people involved in the design process, but also trying to stimulate and involve a whole city at every level.

Mark Scrimshaw
Director – BBC North East & Cumbria
“Writing very much as someone observing events, I found the organisation of the Blueprint exchange extremely professional and worthwhile. It was clear that most of those taking part from outside the Netherlands were gaining valuable experiences, building networks, and finding ways of contextualising their own work in a valid international way. The people I spoke to had a great time, worked hard, and would love to continue this type of exchange.If the European Community means anything culturally, it surely must emphasise those artforms and new media which are genuinely Europe-wide, and which can genuinely benefit from international exchanges. This fits both those descriptions perfectly. It’s clear that many expressions of youth culture are not part of the mainstream, even of youth music chains, and the networks being built by inbred:TV are the way forward for them – to gain their own forms of internal criticism and expression, and validate their work in a truly European context rather than the isolation so many have felt previously.I can honestly say that, having filmed across Europe for the past two decades with a wide range of people and organisations, that the efficiency and commitment of inbred:TV are welcome and much appreciated. And I enjoyed the music (as much as an old Deadhead can!).”

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